Our story

A visionary fusion of art and fragrance.

TOBBA is an artistic fragrance house founded in 2021 under the helm of Jasper Li, a painter turned perfumer and Adrian Yu, co-founder of the house. It represents an olfactory extension of Jasper's artistic career. Translating visual art into captivating scents, he infuses his creations with a deep personal connection. With a unique and complex approach that seamlessly connects the visual and olfactory realms, the brand offers a whole new sensory experience that is both intricate and effortlessly simplistic.

TOBBA takes great pride in sourcing only the highest quality ingredients and crafting each fragrance in France, the capital of perfume. This dedication to using premium materials and diligent craftsmanship ensures that the fragrances embody the essence of luxury and refinement.

At the core of the brand lies its commitment to integrity, aesthetics, and transcendence. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape every aspect of TOBBA, from the creative direction to the timelessness of fragrance and its meticulous craftsmanship. TOBBA fragrances serve as a gateway to establishing a personal connection, allowing individuals to interpret and experience the perfumes in their own unique way, like a piece of art.

Jasper Li

Innately introspective, Jasper turned to the world of art as his means of self-expression. Through his brushstrokes, he found a way to convey his thoughts and emotions without the constraint of verbal communication. His talent flourished, quickly earning him recognition as one of the emerging painters of his time. However, after a series of successful solo exhibitions, Jasper felt a desire to express his art in a new and different way.

It was during this time that Jasper rediscovered his mother's vintage fragrance collection, a form of art that transcended the visual realm and held the power to create vivid memories and interpretations. Intrigued by this non-visual art form, Jasper embarked on a journey as a perfumer, driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore the artistic possibilities of scent.

Adrian Yu

With a passion for art and fashion that ignited at a young age, Adrian started his career in luxury retail soon after graduating. His inborn sense of style and a sharp eye for trends propelled him to become a fashion buyer for esteemed luxury department stores like Lane Crawford and Harvey Nichols. Overseeing the menswear and lifestyle business, Adrian orchestrated numerous retail successes through his expertise in marketing, strategy, and creative direction.

During this time, Adrian fortuitously crossed paths with Jasper Li. Their shared passion for innovation and artistic expression sparked an immediate connection, and Adrian took on the role of bringing Jasper's olfactory vision to the market.

In 2021, the stars aligned, and the duo recognized the perfect moment to bring their shared vision to fruition. Together, they co-founded Tobba, working hand in hand, they meticulously craft the product line and shape the brand's overall strategy.